Container Cube

Container Cube

September 15, 2015

Why is it necessary to know container cubes?

Container cubes allow you gauge how much product you can fit on an ocean shipping container.  The more product you can fit on an container, the better the container is utilized for overseas shipments.  Container cube is affected by the way the container is loaded, pallet size, and case dimensions.  The below container cubes are the average cubes we have found to utilize most of the container.

Container Size                    Cube                Max Weight lbs    Max Weight kg

20' Reefer Container           800 cubes            38,000 lbs          17,237 kg

40' Reefer Container           1600 cubes          46,500 lbs          21,092 kg

40' HC Reefer Container     2000 cubes          46,500 lbs          21,092 kg

20' Dry Container                1050 cubes          38,000 lbs          17,237 kg

40' Dry Container                2000 cubes          46,500 lbs          21,092 kg

40' HC Dry Container          2300 cubes          46,500 lbs          21,092 kg

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