What is FTL and LTL Freight?

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What is FTL or LTL Freight?

August 31, 2015


FTL is an acronym for Full Truck Load.  LTL is an acronym for Less than a Truckload. Both acronyms generally refer to the size of the shipment that will be placed within a refrigerated or dry van. If the products to be shipped will fill the entire capacity of the truck or if it is required that the truck not share the space with other shippers (dedicated truck), it is known to be a Full Truckload or FTL.  If the products to be shipped will not fill the entire capacity of the truck, it is known to be Less than a Truckload or LTL. 

Which do I need FTL or LTL?

FTL allows you to ship large amounts of product or ensure that delicate products do not get damaged.  Because only your shipment has to be delivered, the delivery process is faster.  If using standard pallets, 26 pallets can fit on a 53' trailer.

LTL allows you to share the truck capacity with other shippers, therefore reducing the costs of shipping.  However, because your products are sharing the truck with other shippers, the truck will have to make multiple stops to deliver each product to its respective location.  This can be likened to a postal truck.  A postal truck carries mail from multiple senders; however, the truck has to stop at each house to deliver its respective mail.

Can you handle FTL or LTL Freight?

Yes! We currently have a Brokerage and In house Trucking Division in our company.  Our brokerage division can handle FTL or LTL freight, whereas our in house trucking division can only handle FTL freight on the east coast.  Simply contact us for freight quotes and we will be more than happy to assist you in your freight needs.

What is FTL or LTL Freight